j&M Landscape retaining wallsRetaining Walls & Steps:

We create walls and steps that add beauty, function and comfort to your property.  They can be constructed from natural stone and/or concrete block.

  • Can be dry laid or set in a mortar bed
  • Achieve a natural look with rough, tumbled textures or a contemporary look with symmetrical designs.
  • Wide variety of colors and color blends are available.

Consider a wall for bordering around your property or a railing along steps, bench seating around a patio or even a structure that creates an outdoor barbeque or kitchen.  We have done great designs with fireplaces, built in grills,  and/or fire pits.   Let your imagination run free as you design your perfect outside sanctuary.

This allows you to increase your usable outdoor space.

j&M Landscape retaining walls stepsj&M Landscape retaining walls steps